Male, Flemmish Giant mix, 1 year, Neutered 

Lucky Ducky is such a lovely giant. It really is true that the giant breed buns tend to behave more like a chill golden retriever dog and make great couch lounging companions when they are not showing off some big binkies (matrix-style acrobatics!), chomping on hay, or following you around the house. He loves to run around, will come right up to greet you, and is not shy at all. Lucky would make an absolutely awesome addition to any family with kids 8 yrs and up ready for the responsibility and hilarity of a lovely house bunny. He loves affection and there’s plenty of him to love! No young kids suggested in his forever family because he sometimes thinks fingers are baby carrots, but he can be trained not to do this 🙂

Adoption fee is $30 and includes neuter. Email to apply to adopt asap!

For more information visit:

T: @LincolnCountyHS