It was the Weight Loss Challenge posters all over the Roncesvalles neighbourhood that brought Andrew Sutherland into SNAP Fitness. The timing was perfect leading up to Andrew’s 40th birthday with a goal of achieving the ever elusive ‘best shape of his life’. Not previously a member of SNAP Fitness, Andrew entered the Weight Loss Challenge which included two months’ gym membership and an initial Consultation with one of the personal trainers.

“Andrew was very determined, with an aggressive goal from the start,” says his trainer Jason. “But I’m happy that he soon realised that regardless of where we got in eight weeks, there was a mind-set shift happening that would keep Andrew active and healthy long-term.”

Andrew opted to enhance his Weight Loss Challenge pledge with two hour-long sessions per week with Jason. “The variety was great, I don’t think we did the same exercise more than twice in the entire eight weeks,” he said. On his own Andrew aimed to make more reasonable, healthy options with his eating, where he found that just a little bit of planning about the week ahead could actually go a long way.

His dedication earned Andrew the second-place finish in the Challenge out of over 60 participants, and his body fat went down by over four percentage points. “Really the hardest thing was just getting started, after walking in for the first time I’m amazed at how easily it just fit into my life. Two workouts and a run or two through High Park is not a significant time commitment, and the impact of focused effort can be significant”. Andrew continues to train with Jason as we move into the summer, enjoying the newfound strength he’s worked for and seeing further progress!


Written by Jason Brown, Certified Personal Trainer