Eden’s Kick-Climb-Shavasana Club

Eden Athletics is excited to offer a new after school program promoting physical activity. The Kick-Climb-Shavasana Club offers 3 separate after school sessions to engage in unique physical disciplines. Supported by three school staff with passion and expertise in these movement areas, students at Eden will have the opportunities to engage in their choice of weekly yoga, kickboxing and traverse rock climbing sessions on three separate days after school. Some of these after school sessions have already started, with plans in place to have all necessary equipment delivered and installed in September. The goal is for every student at Eden to engage in a physical activity outside of school hours. We hope to recognize students who show commitment to one or all of these after-school sessions. In part, the goal is to offer these sessions to encourage students who may not be interested in traditional sports. All Flyers are encouraged to get involved and enjoy time with friends while being physically active!

The Miracle Worker

“The Miracle Worker” had a marvelous run! Overcoming the many obstacles that make theatre productions themselves a miracle, we were so excited to finally perform. The story itself is one of rising above the almost insurmountable obstacles of learning to live with physical deficits and mental stress. Hellen Keller: a blind, deaf-mute and Annie Sullivan, her orphaned teacher, both struggle with social as well as physical hardships. As a team, they are formidable and show that resilience and perseverance may not overcome problems but make it possible to succeed despite them. Eden’s school production featured Elizabeth Chernyak as Helen and Maria Mudassir as Annie Sullivan. Also, in the cast were Jesse Klassen, Natasha Chernyshenko, Christian Roethling, Aubrey Townsen, many who are new and some who are familiar to our stage. The performances ran in Eden’s drama room on April 13, 14, 20 & 21.


Anyone up for a Challenge?

Eden’s Rubik’s Cube Club demonstrated that hours and hours of practice and effort pay off! Four students entered the Niagara Select Rubik’s Cube Club Competition held at Brock last Saturday, April 7. Jayce Jung, a Grade 12 student who created and leads the club, competed in the 2 by 2, 3 by 3, 4 by 4 and 5 by 5 competitions. He was able to make it to the finals for 3 by 3. His friend Owen Zhou competed in the 3 by 3 and the ultimate challenge, 3 by 3 one handed, making it to the second round.

Grade 10 students Cole Robichaud and Josh Poulsen also competed in the 2 by 2 and 3 by 3 challenges and both made it to the second round for the 2 by 2. It was a full day of intense competition from 8 am to 5pm. The very best in Canada attended the event so there were lots of inspiring cubers to watch and learn from. To solve a Rubik’s Cube in seconds may not be everyone’s goal, but these students have learned that it’s possible and they will bring back what they’ve learned from the competition to share with the club.

Kate Cote is a performer who has turned an Autistic Trait into an Artistic Talent!

Kate Cote entertained at In the Soil Arts Festivals first ever Family Friendly Dance Party at the Festival Hub, on April 28. Kate likes to spin yoga balls on her toes. In 2016, Autism Ontario held a talent show where she performed this skill in front of a crowd. A member of Niagara Artists Centre happened to catch her doing this and offered her a part in the 2016 Voix de Ville. Kate loved it so much that she created a much more difficult routine and participated in other contests. In 2017, she competed in the Yellow Door Theatre Project’s talent show, where she placed 1st and competed in the Rise 2 Fame contest at the Western Fair, where she was a finalist.

Kate’s performance requires a tremendous amount of skill. What makes her routine even more unique is that Kate is extremely uncomfortable in front of new people let alone large crowds. She spins to help keep herself calm and focused. It is BECAUSE she spins as her skill that enables her to be in front of people. It is an amazing thing to watch as Kate transforms from someone who is quiet, to electrifying on stage, to quiet again when she is done.

“Kate has a talent that is beyond amazing. Her gift of spinning is a “must see” performance that will make you believe all things are possible” – Lucy Zenga (fan)

“Impressive skills.”
“The crowd loves her and so do I!”
”Couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do with the ball next”
–Judges’ comments from Rise 2 Fame Contest 2017

Kate Cote (Performer) attends Eden High School in St. Catharines where she participates in the SSTC program. She practices her spinning for 50 hours a week and is always working on new tricks. Kate is hoping to break the world record “longest time a yoga ball spins on a toe.”

Sydney Cornett: an award-winning classically-trained singer.

Sydney has more than 35 first-place awards in competitions and she most recently won a first-place at the 2018 Elite International Music Competition, held at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Sydney, a grade 11 Eden student, started piano lessons at age three and classical vocal training at nine. She fell in love with musical theatre two years ago when she performed with the Yellow Door Theatre Project in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This summer she will attend a program at Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and getting into this school for her Bachelor of Arts in vocal performance will require her to be in the top three per cent of the applicants. If you have ever heard Sydney sing (and play piano, guitar and ukulele) you will believe that she is capable of achieving this.

Grapes of Wrath:

Whether they are relatives, friends, coworkers or acquaintances that have experienced the trials and struggles of the disease, everyone has been touched by the pain of cancer. The Grapes of Wrath is a 5km run through mud and water, over barriers and through the valley all in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Proceeds of the event go to local programs in the Niagara area.

Last year, a group of 16 conquered the run, while raising money and having a great time. With the addition of Sharon Burns, our new Principal and cancer survivor, we are looking forward to more participants and making a bigger impact in our community. We hope to see students, parents and other relatives joining the Eden Flyers this year.

Information about how to register for this year’s race can be found on the school website eden.dsbn.org or you can contact Mr. S Thompson and Mr. S. Burns at the Eden High School – 905-646-9884. We hope that you will join us for this fun and important event.