Dear Wine Ladies, On a quest to discover new wines, I picked up a bottle of this Italian white recommended to me for something a little different. I have never heard of the wine or even the grape before but absolutely loved it! Now I’m thirsty to learn a little more. The wine is La Guardiense Janare Senete and is made with the grape Falanghina. – Allison


Hi Allison,  So many wine drinkers tend to stay with a few tried and true wines so we say kudos to you for your spirit of adventure. How fortunate that you made this particular discovery, which we too first enjoyed just last month.

The name of the company La Guardiense, is one of Italy’s largest and most important cooperatives. It was founded over fifty years ago by a group of 33 courageous farmers who decided to control their own fate and both produce and sell their wine made from their grapes. Fast-forward 60 years later, it is now made up of over 1000 winegrowers, cultivating their grapes over 1,500 hectares of vineyards, planted in the province of Benevento, Campania.

Although the cooperative has been led by only three different presidents since its founding in 1960, it has successfully adapted to market changes and technological advances in the industry. So much so, Guardiense has become a symbol of the technological progress for the entire province, combining experience and modern methodology.  Domizio Pigna, the current President is a true visionary and can be credited with many positive changes within the company, including the cooperative’s dedicated move to high quality grape growing, as well as the adoption of sustainable and organic methodology. The two varieties primarily grown are the indigenous Falanghina and Aglianico, of which the name Guardiense has become synonymous with in this region.

Falanghina is an ancient Italian varietal, which the region of Campania monopolizes with approximately 90% of the grape grown in the region. Typically Falanghina wines will have good acidity, have a blend of fruit aromas/flavours of peach, apricot, yellow apple, hints of lemon and possibly nuances of floral notes or leafy green.

The Janare Senete you so enjoyed is made with 100% Falanghina, the grapes sourced from the region of Sannio in Benevento. We enjoyed this crisp and dry white wine, with delightful aromas of peach and apricot, with an additional layer of complexity. Great as a sipping wine, it could easily transition to an appropriate partner for a meal. Delicious.