Dear The Wine Ladies,

I am hosting a wine and cheese bridal shower for my daughter later this month and am not very familiar with wine at all. There will be approximately 50 women. I would like to serve a variety of wines but have no idea what kind of wines, or specific wines I should buy. Can you offer me a few suggestions?

– Diane

Dear Diane,

First of all, congratulations on your daughter’s up-coming marriage! As for the wine and cheese party, we suggest you go with a small selection of both white and red wines to enjoy with your cheeses.


A sparkling wine, particularly given the occasion, would serve doubleduty
as a versatile wine to pair with a variety of cheeses, as well as
offer a celebratory note. Dry sparkling wines pair nicely with double
or triple cream cheeses such as Brie and Camembert and also match
well with medium intensity blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola Dolce,
one of our favorites! Their versatility extends further to hard aged
cheeses such as the Parmigiano-Reggiano or Piave. Other white
wines to include would be Sauvignon Blanc and/or an Albarino for
something a little different, both aromatic, dry and crisp, both great
with goat’s milk cheeses.


On the lighter side, wines made from the Gamay grape or Pinot
Noir are always good candidates pairing well with an ample variety
of cheeses, from fresh or aged goat’s milk cheeses to the bloomy
rind. A full-bodied red wine, a Cabernet or Cabernet blend, Shiraz or
even a Port, are good partners for aged Cheddars, Gouda, Gruyère,
Pecorino or Manchego. So many cheeses, so many wines!

If you are looking for a little advice on particular cheeses, we just
recently interviewed Afrim Pristine of The Cheese Boutique in
Toronto. Afrim is a Maître Fromager, the youngest inductee into
the Guilde International Fromagers. To listen to the interview visit

Congratulations again,
we wish you a fabulous bridal shower!