To celebrate Asian Heritage Month, Baithak organized its first big event for friends and family on May 3rd. Since 1990 Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated across Canada and in May 2002, the Government of Canada signed an official declaration to designate May as Asian Heritage Month. Kicking off on a night full of singing and dancing on at the Event Garden Centre in Mississauga, Baikhak created a treasure trove of beautiful memories with new and old friends alike. It was a lively and entertaining evening for everyone in attendance, as they enjoyed different genres of music performed and sung by Sahar Raza, Shahid Iftekhar, Adnan Haqee, Imran Khan, Aseem Hashmi, Salim Akhter, Naoma Khan, Ali Rizvi, Samreen Fatima, Khadija Raza, Nadeem Ali, Rauf Shaikh, Nadeem Shah, and many others. Baikhak; Where Friends Become Family, is an organic group of music loving Pakistani friends who gather monthly to pursue their passion of singing, listening to good music and transferring the passion of Asian music to the next generation of Canada South Asians.

By: Sabooh Un Naz

Photos by: Mubashar Shaikh (First few phots) + Sabooh Un Naz