The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon raisin loaf permeated the Kitchen at Ireland museum’s Heritage bread making a workshop on February 10th. Guests mixed and kneaded their own loaves to bake later at home before the group divided in two, to make either cheesy scones or raisin bread in the hearth. While the bread and scones baked, guests learned about the Ireland family by touring the house at Oakridge Farm. Built in 1837, it’s one of Burlington’s oldest heritage homes.

Valerie and Caroline kept things moving along nicely in the kitchen, while Kate ensured the group enjoyed their tour of the rest of the house. Finally, all guests met at the large kitchen table to devour the delicious cinnamon loaf and cheese scones with herb butter. Everyone received beautiful recipe cards to take home, along with their previously prepared batter. What a unique and pleasant way to spend an afternoon!

By: Leslie Styles