Who Are The Basketeers?

Founded in 2000, by Cheryl Stoneburgh, the original concept was “to support abused women in new beginnings.”

The shelters that many of us were already supporting said it was fairly easy to find groups willing to buy or sponsor Christmas gifts for children, but the abused women seemed to have been forgotten. We feel by supporting the single women and mothers, they will, in turn, find the strength to create new lives for themselves and their children. That is why our group “The Basketeers” was created.

We are a generous group of around 3500 volunteers with large hearts. We are a grass roots community based organization. We are not a registered charity and we do not issue tax receipts. Every basket donated goes to an abused woman to help them in their new beginning.

On Saturday, November  19th over 400 people dropped off their wrapped baskets.  The 2001 Titan’s Hockey Team helped unload cars.  It truly was an amazing sight.