Written by: Emma Holloway


Two Families, One World


On Sunday October 29th Blessed Trinity had their 15th Annual Pilgrimage. This sacred walk consisted of mass and 10 km walk through downtown Grimsby. Each year this event occurs on the last Sunday of October and the money raised goes towards efforts to aid the community of Las Pajas, Dominican Republic. The students, parents and teachers of Blessed Trinity gather together, with the local elementary feeder schools and many residents, in solidarity to raise awareness for the third world and help our brothers and sisters of Las Pajas.


The day began with a well-attended mass consisting of Blessed Trinity students, faculty, elementary school students, and residents from the Grimsby community. Mass was celebrated with Bishop Bergie and Father Ronald Angervil. We were very fortunate to have the Bishop at this year’s pilgrimage; he provided many words of wisdom and gave an uplifting homily. The mass was beautiful with the help from the Pilgrimage Committee, our Chaplaincy Leader Michelle Davis, Blessed Trinity’s choir, technology group and Sky Pilots.


The morning continued with a 10 km walk through downtown Grimsby. During this walk, a student representative from Blessed Trinity and each elementary school carried their schools’ cross. This is always a great way to include each part of Blessed Trinity’s family of schools. Each participant was able to rest and snack at the halfway point thanks to Piller’s who donated hot dogs and sausages, and Tim Hortons who provided baked goods and hot chocolate. These contributions are always a hit! We are very grateful to receive generous donations for the Blessed Trinity Pilgrimage each year.


Throughout the past 15 years the money raised by Blessed Trinity went towards cement floors in many homes of the bateys, where the locals of Las Pajas reside. Additionally, because of the countless donations a water tower was constructed to provide everyone residing in the bateys with safe and clean water. Furthermore, a livestock and farming project is now in place, educating the people of Las Pajas on how to properly grow and maintain sustainable resources. This initiative provides individuals with funding to obtain scholarships so residents of Las Pajas can go back to their community and help their families. Over the past 15 years, Blessed Trinity has raised over $400,000 and we will continue to support our extended family in Las Pajas to provide them with an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.


I am very fortunate to have been able to participate in this pilgrimage for my past four years at Blessed Trinity. This truly is a great experience that allows each individual an opportunity to support another community that has become a part of Blessed Trinity’s family. There was an impressive turnout this year, with over 400 participants. Each year we see a greater community involvement and we are thankful for another successful pilgrimage. Mr. Zaroda, the principal at Blessed Trinity is proud to announce that – “The elementary feeder schools helped raise $3000 and your Thunder raised $20,000. Thank you to the staff, students and parents for your commitment and support for those who are less fortunate in Las Pajas.”