Daniel Canizalez

Daniel Canizalez was born in Canada in 1996. Even as a baby, Daniel’s father knew in his heart that his son was musically inclined. Fast forward to when Daniel was five years old, when he suffered a traumatic experience. While playing in the park, he was attacked by an unleashed dog. Daniel’s face was mauled in this vicious attack – one that almost cost him his sight! He was rushed to emergency. Because of his nervous tension, the anaesthesia did not take, even after various attempts. Too much blood had already been lost; as such, the doctor had no choice but to stitch up Daniel’s face without anaesthesia! This second incident caused additional trauma to young Daniel, hence, he developed a fear of doctors. Fortunately, with time, his facial scars dissipated and there is hardly evidence they ever existed. His fear of doctors also eventually dissipated when he redirected his focus on music. At first, he simply dabbled in it, but, as the years passed, he excelled in that particular art form. Daniel is now 20 years old and plays the piano, guitar, drums and bass. For the past seven years he has been teaching various instruments to more than ten students. His love for children is the drive behind his volunteer work. And to encourage children from low-income families to participate, he offers them free music lessons. From 2009 to present, Daniel has volunteered as the official Music Teacher at his parents’ church. He learned the value of serving his community through the example set by his parents, Francis and Annie Canizalez, who are ordained Pastors at Ebenezer Church. Daniel was honoured with a Congratulatory Certificate from Toronto City Councillor Cesar Palacio for his selfless commitment, dedication and ongoing volunteer efforts that are making a difference in the city. For Daniel, God turned a tragic event into a victory.

And on that victorious note, Daniel celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday!
Submitted by Norma Trivino