Elizabeth Cardenas

Elizabeth Cardenas is a young Canadian woman with Latino roots. She graduated with French honours from high school. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology. Currently, at Nipissing University, she is pursuing her dream of obtaining a nursing degree. In addition to her studies, she has been a devoted volunteer at Mount Sinai Hospital since 2013 and at IFHS Church since 2005. At IFHS church, while (her mother) Reverend Beatriz Cardenas preaches, Elizabeth performs simultaneous translation of the sermon. In her community, Elizabeth advocates on behalf of the less privileged and ensures that they receive the help they need. She loves to share her acquired wisdom by educating others and guiding them to the appropriate resources. She is a proponent of equal treatment for all, regardless of race, nationality, disability or financial circumstances. Elizabeth’s volunteer work and community service foster feelings of pride and demonstrate her diverse talents. Suffice to say that Elizabeth best exemplifies Canada’s spirit of volunteerism.

In that lively spirit, Elizabeth wishes Canada a Happy 150th Birthday!
Submitted by Norma Trivino