Narine Darakjian is a young Armenian-Canadian woman who grew up with loving parents in a Christian home. Sometimes, though, things go askew even in the warmth of aloving home. Narine developed depression during her teenage years, and it lasted for seven years.

Despite the dark cloud hanging over her, Narine managed to push through two years of college. In 2014, she graduated from Centennial College with a diploma in baking and cake decorating.

Thankfully, Narine’s family, her faith and one very dear professor at college helped her to overcome the depression. Now, Narine is thriving as a Youth Leader at the church where she congregates. True to her Canadian roots, she is a hockey lover. She also took on a master task and taught herself to play the guitar. She did not succumb to the depression and now she speaks up in an attempt to break the silence.

Narine has realized that she has so much to live for. She’s going to help others to see the beauty of life. She’s a Canadian who will help other Canadians to push through the difficulties of life and become champions rather than statistics.

Currently, Narine is in her second year of studying Christian Counselling at Canada Christian College. She will be specializing in Youth Addiction. Her testimony has made such an impact at Canada Christian College, that she has been invited to speak at a conference in January 2018!

Narine loves life, loves Canada and wishes her a Happy 150th!

Written by: Norma Trivino