Happy 150th Birthday Canada!


Israel Trivino immigrated to Canada with his parents and siblings in 1973. The family settled in the impoverished Jane-Finch community to initiate their re-birth. Israel did not allow his humble beginnings to keep him down or restrict his desire to succeed. After high school, he went on to study Business Administration at Humber College. Then, while attempting to obtain employment, out of necessity he settled as an assistant in the trades. Being young and inexperienced, he quickly got taken advantage of financially. That particular incident set in motion an entrepreneurial dream. He had learned the job, so, now it was just a matter of taking out a loan to make his dream a reality. That is how Israel Garage Doors was born.

With unparalleled charisma, Israel launched his garage door company, showing determination, business acumen and leadership. Now, after 25 years of serving customers throughout Southern Ontario, the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC) deemed Israel worthy of a nomination for a Vision Award in the category of Career Visionary for his outstanding 25-year commitment to his profession. What is most unique about Israel is his excellent customer service skills which have attracted loyal customers, repeat customers and first/second generation customers.

Thank you Canada for being a country of opportunity.
Written by: Norma Trivino