By Peeter Poldre, Photographer – Always learning and striving to CAPTURE the next great photo!

Taking photos while standing is natural, but opportunities for better photos may occur when you change elevation.


Go Low is especially important to get down to the right level for children and pets, for example. Compare photo 1, taken from a standing height, with photo 2, taken while kneeling down to the subject’s eye level. In some settings, getting below the level of the action, such as when performers are on stage, may produce a powerful perspective, as in photo 3.


Go High should also be considered, as long as it is safe! Everyday opportunities include balconies (photo 4, with special permission from Koerner Hall), benches, grandstands, ladders, steps and staircases. But always remember that your safety is the priority. Some events provide unique elevations for accredited media (photo 5, Estonian Folkdance Festival from a broadcast tower).