By Peeter Poldre, Photographer – Always learning and striving to CAPTURE the next great photo!

Capturing an interesting reflection requires a combination of luck and skill. As a first step, reflection photos require some sort of reflecting surface! As the sample photos illustrate, various surfaces can reflect, including water (1&2), glass (3), sunglasses (4), brass instruments (5) and grand piano tops (6). The composition of reflection photos often poses the interesting challenge of how to apply the “rule of thirds”: Should one show more subject? more reflection? or equal amounts of each? There is no correct answer – artistic choices abound!

Smartphone/point and shoot/digital slr. no matter what device you use to take photos, what looks fine on the device may leave you disappointed when you want to make that special image into an enlargement, a poster or a screen-saver. each month, this column will aim to provide understandable, practical, largely non-technical advice to help you make.