By: Jason Stacey

Founders Chris Charuk and Simon Ford have set out to offer custom and made-to-order quality furniture without the associated price tag.

By producing a line of furniture using a small-batch production model, they are able to offer an extremely high-quality product at a more accessible price point. As a result, they only produce a limited amount of any product that is created.

From the first pen stroke of a design, to the last coat of finish on a table, their products are designed and made with care and consideration in their Lakeview, Mississauga studio. All products are to be used and loved over your lifetime and be treasured heirlooms that are passed down to future generations.

Inspired by mid-century Scandinavian greats, Hans Wegner and Borge Mogensen. Every material that is used in our products is selected to have minimal environmental impact and maximum durability.

Atlantic Chair
The Atlantic Chair is a dining chair which features a solid wood, pinned mortise-andtenon frame, steam bent back and shaped solid wood seat.

Boreal Bench

Ideal for both entryway and dining settings, the boreal Bench features a solid wood, pinned mortise-and-tenon frame, and solid wood back and seat.

Caribou Table

The Caribou Table is a coffee table which features a solid wood top, wedged-through tenon solid wood base with solid brass stretchers and a slung North American, vegetable-tanned leather shelf which is a by-product of the beef industry.

1299 St. Mary’s Avenue, Unit 4, Mississauga
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