By: Office of Arif Virani

May 14th was the second annual Community Awards, hosted by MP Virani, to recognize the contributions of community leaders and volunteers here in the riding of Parkdale-High Park. Fifteen recipients were honoured at the evening’s celebration at the Om restaurant in Parkdale. The Award recipients are as follows:

  1. Abi Ajibolade
  2. Tariq Asmi
  3. Abby Bushby
  4. Michael Burtt
  5. Tish Carnat
  6. William Chaves
  7. Mae Couzens
  8. Paul and Maria Dubicki
  9. Angela Elzinga Cheng
  10. Mary Keates – Mary Keates was not present, but Cindy Johnson, of the same Legion, accepted the award on her behalf
  11. Father Jason McKinney
  12. Susanna Redekop – Susanna Redekop was not present
  13. Sonam Wangyal
  14. Anita Wong