NAME: Robert Naumovski
BUSINESS: Suds Launderette
GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS: I know it sounds like a cliché, but I feel my greatest achievement has been to have been a good father and husband to my Family.  My wife and I have raised 3 wonderful daughters who are strong, independent young women.

FUN FACTS: Our Family Pet is our 5 Year old, 150lbs Leonberger named BRU (Google it)
Tennis player, skier, cycling

Background and Career Highlight:

I am a 1st generation Canadian, born to parents that immigrated to Canada from former Yugoslavia. I have 1 older Brother. I was in a family Business for 25 Years before we sold that business. During that time we learned to separate family matters from business ones which is difficult to do, but crucial to the success of a family business.

Started up Suds Launderette because my best friend and business partner and I saw that there was a real gap in the Coin laundry business. Most Laundromats are typically pretty sketchy places. They are usually dark, dirty with very poor customer service. We asked ourselves, “Why is that?” The answer is that there is no reason for that. It is a choice that many owners of these businesses choose to run their stores that way because they feel the clientele does not care about the condition of their store. Our philosophy is that a customer needs to be treated with respect and our store needs to be as clean as possible. If your business is clean, you treat people with respect, and you do what you say you are going to do, they will come.


There isn’t 1 thing that brings me the greatest joy or satisfaction. Family and friends are both really important to me.

WHAT IS ONE THING THAT VERY FEW PEOPLE WOULD KNOW ABOUT YOU?                                     

Our dog Bru and I, are volunteers with the St. John buy cialis canada Ambulance Therapy Dog program. Every week we go to the Walden Circle Retirement home to visit with the residents.


My dad inspires me. I still to this day wonder what it was like to leave your home country to come to a foreign land where you don’t speak the language or know the culture. Remember, this was at a time (early 1960’s) when there were no social services or programs in place to help new immigrants. You truly had to survive. He was able to raise a family and build a successful business and life for all of us. I think that the “don’t quit, work hard and smart work ethic” has been really important for me.


The best advice I have been given, is “don’t quit”. Many people are afraid to take that first step because they are worried about the “what if it does not work”. It’s ok to fail. Failure is a great way to learn. With Suds we made lots of mistakes, but we watched and listened to our suppliers, competition and customers and made adjustments to our business.

IF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY WERE LISTENING,                                                                                                                       WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO THEM?  

If whole community were listening I would say, CARE. Care about your community. This is where you live – help out however you can. We are all busy with our lives but there is no reason why everyone can’t do their own thing to help out the community. Whether that is picking up a piece of garbage on the street, shopping at your local business or just saying hello to someone on the street as you walk by. It all adds up. You may not see any immediate results from what you do, but over time, you will start to see the positive changes.