Veronica Calderon is a striking Latina woman. You would not know it just by looking at her but she had a difficult childhood. Despite her rocky beginning, she was able to rise above her circumstances through her faith in God. If you ask her, she will tell you she was saved by grace. And she has kept her head above water through the concerted efforts of her Pastors, her church family, and her mentors. Once she was armed with the knowledge of her calling in life, she made a decision to bless others with her gift. Her gift is her voice and the conduit for it is her worship. In order to serve with excellence, she sought training at Bethel Music School. Now, she serves her local church as a worship leader and also forms part of local youth networks in Toronto. Her life proves that despite a difficult beginning, one can move forward and be a blessing to others.

Veronica Calderon is flourishing in this country, hence, it is with gratitude that she wishes Canada a Happy 150th!

Written by: Norma Trivino