Commuting mostly by bike, Roncesvalles Village BIA manager Veronica Feihl can be seen, often, rushing the blocks of Roncy’s public sidewalks. Her job is to maintain and improve conditions on

Profile:Veronica Feihl

Roncesvalles Avenue that allow businesses to thrive. This includes managing the dynamics of streetscape, special events, street festivals, finding and coordinating volunteers, promoting Roncy and making everyday mayhem look effortless.

Originally from Ottawa, Veronica studied journalism, film and public relations.  Early starts in retail PR and communications for the Ontario Arts Council, have paved way for her own enterprise as an independent internet communications strategist.  Living in the Roncesvalles area for thirty years now, she is grateful that the freedom of being a freelance entrepreneur has allowed her time to also concentrate on her family and community.

Because of her interest in urban planning, sustainable development and livable cities, much of what Roncesvalles Renewed & RoncyWorks has accomplished, is because of her expertise. That is to say, that she was involved, with others, with the new design of how Roncesvalles Avenue looks now and how it is still maintained today – because she is the driving force behind the army of volunteers who maintain plant beds and clean up cigarette litter. She’s known for pushing up her sleeves and pitching in herself.

Then there’s the management of public events. Without doubt the annual Roncesvalles Polish Festival is Roncy’s largest draw, and Roncy Rocks which celebrates local art, music and community spirit. Other smaller events like the Shop local campaigns and Earth Hour Walks really help to bring community and business members together. Veronica dips a decidedly presiding finger, in every one of those pies.

Behind all of the micro managed activity is a softly spoken woman who tries to live a holistic lifestyle.  She’s a mom to two, a wife and a kind friend to many. When asked of what she likes about her (obvious) fashion sense, she responds by saying  “I often shop vintage for clothing, I’m not ruled by trends – I love colour”.  Then she goes on to talk about trees and the environment.

In July, Veronica will celebrate her second year as the Manager of the Roncesvalles BIA. She attributes her success to her ability to form good relationships and by enabling people to realize their intents.  She believes that bringing the best out in people makes good things happen She sees herself as a juggler —  aiming to maintain a happy balance in her life of work obligations, community engagement, personal well being and precious family time.

Written by: Karyn Klaire Koski – Community Captured Ambassador