By: Anthony DeGazon

As we begin 2019, we all know it’s important to reflect on what we are grateful for in life. Today, I’m happily married to the love of my life, I have three great kids who I’m very proud of and professionally, I’m doing something I love as co-owner of DeGazon Music School. With all that said, it wasn’t that long ago when life was much different.

It was 2003 and I was working on my MBA and striving to become a VP, all the while my wife was growing her start-up music school as a full-time mom of three toddlers. I was struggling with finishing my degree, building my corporate career and trying to support our young family all at the same time. I was getting more and more frustrated and disgusted with my situation at work. Have you ever had that feeling? The bottom fell out from under me when I was told one morning that my division had been restructured and my position as Director was eliminated. That meant I couldn’t continue to do my share in providing for my wife and three young kids and I was forced to make the biggest decision of my life.

You’ve heard it said before, “when one door closes another door opens.” It sounds good, but hard to believe when you’re at your lowest. “ Throughout it all, I still held on to the dream of building something great, with special people and thankful customers.”

It was then that I partnered with Rachel in building DeGazon Music. That decision, though tough, was exactly what I needed. I rediscovered the joy that comes from doing something that is really important to me – sharing my love and passion for music with kids and parents of young families. What a match! I had always loved music and business building and knew I could do both in an area that mattered the most to me.

One evening, after a long day, my wife and I were enjoying some downtime together, a rarity for us, when we discovered the benefits children received when learning music and why learning to play an instrument early in life was so foundational to their future success. That’s when everything really changed for our business! The benefits were undeniable! Children developed confidence, discipline, perseverance and improved executive function; a set of mental skills that helps you get things done. Learning music also enhanced mathematical and language skills through the left and right brain utilization. This realization was something that parents needed to know and it was our job to educate them.

As I live out my entrepreneurial dream, I’m grateful for Rachel, our DeGazon Music families and our team. Our work has enabled us to impact the lives of over 4,000 students by helping parents understand how the hidden benefits of learning music impacts a child’s future success. Learning music can be a game changer in your child’s life. I no longer have to push paper in a faceless corporation or work on projects that may never see the light of day. I’m doing the thing I love, creating “A Lifelong Passion for Music” in families like yours.

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