An inspiration day was held in a stunning setting on May 5th which was the first of its kind. This was the epitome of what a Diamond Woman is.The Diamond Woman shines as an inspiration to all women. Let us join to celebrate our beauty and strength, our professional accomplishments and secrets with one another. We possess a variety of skills and ambitions but we share in the belief of the value and purpose of our lives. This is an opportunity to surround yourself with worthy unstoppable women, to reflect on our set-backs and our perseverance to succeed. Passion is the dictator of our lifestyle, not age. Today, we gather as 40 professional women, 20 under and 20 above 40 years of age. We join to celebrate all aspects of our lives as women – sexually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. We appreciate ourselves on this day by being pampered with an array of treatments to allow our outer beauty to shine as brightly as our inner beauty. Finally, we WALK THE RUNWAY to shine like diamonds!