Why Buy Original Art?

Most of us respond to original art on an emotional level. Something in that piece speaks to us, elicits a memory, or excites the soul because of its colour, texture, or composition.  When we find that connection it is important to embrace it and make it work, so that it becomes an addition to our collection that can be enjoyed for years to come. That one special piece of art can make a difference and change the whole space.

The Dilemma

Since the art you choose for your home is a personal choice and says something about you, why would you confine yourself to a colour that matches the sofa or a size that fills a predetermined space? And yet this is the dilemma that many patrons face when choosing art for their home, whether it is a newly decorated space with blank walls to fill, or an established room that needs a lift.

Here are a few ideas to help you choose original art that both complements your décor and satisfies the soul:

  • Rather than one large painting arrange a grouping comprised of different sized paintings that will occupy the same space. Consider including ceramic wall plaques, bas-relief sculptures, small mirrors, etc.
  • Balance a large painting with two smaller ones to one side to create the large space you have over the sofa or over your mantle.
  • Excite the eye by collecting a variety of media and group them together. Watercolour, oil, acrylic and lithography, wood cuts or block prints can be combined in a grouping. Organize around a colour scheme, black and white, or theme.
  • Consider the importance of line buy cialis in los angeles both within the painting and in a grouping. If you wish to emphasize the width of the room, opt for horizontal groupings or paintings with horizontal lines. This can create a calm or serene feeling.  To create the illusion of height, choose tall paintings or paintings with vertical lines.  Consider having a grouping of square paintings in a horizontal or vertical line. Diagonal lines within the painting create a sense of dynamic energy.
  • Framing: It is totally acceptable to hang unframed oil and acrylic paintings, especially if the artist has used a gallery canvas at least 2” deep. If you do choose to frame, ensure that the frame matches the painting, not just the furniture. If using a mat, white or off-white usually allows the viewer to enjoy the painting without distraction, and it makes it easier for grouping with other artwork.
  • Lighting: Consider adding focused lighting on a single piece or a grouping in order to create attention or drama. Opt for picture lamps, pot lights or track lighting depending on the space.
The Lakeshore Art Trail, October 15th – 16th, 10AM – 5PM daily

Why not take the opportunity to visit the many artists on the Lakeshore Art Trail to view their latest collection of original art works and engage in conversation. You will be impressed with the variety of work in oil, acrylic, watercolour, graphite, pen & ink and printmaking. The Lakeshore Art Trail artists look forward to welcoming you and offering advice and assistance in your effort towards creating a life enriched with original art.
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