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Low Carb Lifestyle Show

Celebrate the Low Carb Lifestyle!
The Low Carb Lifestyle Show brings Toronto’s low carb community together.

The Low Carb Lifestyle Show will be held on March 30th at the Delta Toronto Hotel to celebrate the popular low carb and keto lifestyle. The first of its kind in Toronto and in Canada, low carb and keto enthusiasts can enjoy the opportunity to sample food, drinks and low carb products and services that will satisfy their cravings.

The Low Carb Lifestyle Show brings Toronto’s low carb community together giving local vendors the opportunity to showcase their delicious eats and treats. Products include bakeries, snacks, chocolate, drinks, pizza, buns and pies, to name a few, plus nutrition experts and meal delivery.

“This unique and intimate event will give attendees a sneak peak into the low carb movement, while sampling sweet and savoury low carb options, currently in and being introduced in the marketplace.” Tina Holmes, spokesperson. “The demand for products that fit into a high fat, low carb lifestyle is growing and consumers are hungry for these products, information and keto options too. Keto was the top diet search on Google in 2018.”

Attendees will have the opportunity not to just sample the food but also purchase the products as well. Event highlights also include chef demos, low carb lifestyle experts, and photo booth. Tickets are limited, so come and celebrate the fast growing Low Carb Lifestyle.

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