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A new type of Canadian novel: TRILLIUM

Releasing early Spring 2019, provocative Golden Horseshoe artist and author, MLHOLTON, (Margaret Lindsay Holton), tackles timely issues under the guise of a hybrid historical novel. This epic family saga spans 250 years, from the 1750s to 2001, and follows three very distinct families as they arrive, strive and survive in the Niagara wine-making region of Ontario. As author says,

"It all begins when a sandy-haired foot-soldier, Tom Hartford, stands at the base of Niagara Falls and gazes upwards. I wanted to explore a wide variety of different types - through time - in this new work."

An award-winning writer of two other 'Canadian manners' novels, 'Economic Sex' (1985, Coach House Press) and 'The Gilded Beaver' (1999, Acorn Press Canada), MLHolton invites dialogue through a multitude of characters who influence and shape circumstance and outcomes for generations. She has created a memorable sweep of local history that includes, as example, unsavoury aspects of WW2 when Italian-Canadians both fought at the European front but were incarcerated in Canada. Nuanced yet deliberate, Holton's unique sub-text story-telling abilities also invites contemplation about our changing social habits as a result of manufacturing innovation. When automobiles and TVs became household commodities they irrevocably altered how we interact. - Long an active artist of the area, Holton's main studio is in the Hamilton Beaches.

OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH - THURSDAY, March 21st, 1-3pm, Art Gallery of Hamilton via Women's Art Association of Hamilton 'Speaker Series'. 123 King Street W, Hamilton -
'Artist First Edition', from Artist private press of only 100 signed copies, available NOW: https://canadadaphotography.blogspot.com/2018/10/trillium-new-novel-by-mlholton.html
Author Fan Page + Amazon.CA e-book PRE-ORDER: https://mlholton-author.weebly.com/

For MEDIA INTERVIEW and/or e-ADVANCE READING COPIES in Word Doc for extended 'Book Reviews' prior to Spring 2019 Release, contact Canadian artist and author - Margaret Lindsay Holton, e-mail: 'mlhpro@hotmail.com' or call: 905-393-5106

For Photos & Back Story - MLHolton website: https://canadadaphotography.blogspot.com
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