by Chris Winter  –

Read a book

It could be a depressing eco book, like “The Sixth Extinction”, or a fun novel like the Canada Reads winner, “Fifteen Dogs”, with all its local references. Borrow it, buy it locally and read it by daylight – no power consumed.

Eat a good lunch

Treat yourself to a local restaurant (zero commute), pick something up at the local farmer’s market (support farmers) or grow your own veggies (grow organic) and bake your own bread (control the input of chemicals).

Go play

Get outside. Harness the wind to fly a kite, take a hike in the park, ride a bike, stroll the waterfront, or walk the dog.

Shop Ethically

Think of what can improve your life or your home without using a ton of energy. Challenge yourself to shop buy cialis locally and consciously.

Connect Socially

Be active in our community. Join a local group or volunteer to help make our community a better place. Why? Because it takes a village to raise a future!

To slow down climate change we need to stop burning fossil fuels and seek out alternative sources of power, like solar, wind, and geothermal. But if you think about it, it also means investing in the power of our own minds and bodies, and the power of a strong community.

After all, if we feel good about doing things that don’t require fossil fuels, we are laying the foundation for a low-carbon future. And that’s a good place to start.

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