Article by: Jane Gadsby

This April 22nd, you don’t need a PhD in Environmental Science to make positive changes. We can work together to make a better world! Try these out:

  • Avoid plastic. Our oceans are teeming with disposable plastic and some predictions estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic than marine life! Buy items in glass bottles. Refuse plastic straws. Use biodegradable or reusable cutlery at your next picnic. Whenever possible say no to plastic.
  • Bring a mug. Can’t live without your morning cup of coffee? That’s completely understandable. However, disposable hot beverage cups are not recyclable or compostable so are pure garbage.  Plus, just look around and you’ll know they are a major contributor to road-side litter. Solve that by bringing your own reusable mug.
  • Say no to bottled water. Only 16-50% of water bottles actually get recycled, so the rest end up in landfills or worse – in our oceans. Take your own reusable water bottle with you to save money and the environment.
  • Bring your own bags. Plastic grocery bags can end up in lakes and ocean to be eaten by fish. This can kill the fish or end up in our own food chain when we eat the fish. Cloth bags are not just reusable but washable and durable
  • Do a trash audit. Seriously examine your garbage and assess how you can reduce it. Buy more fresh or bulk foods. Decrease use of packaged goods. Recycle and compost more. Every item you keep out of the garbage counts.

If you keep these easy ideas in mind and follow the ecological golden rule – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – you will be on your way to saving the only planet we have. Enjoy your Earth Day!