Inspired by the East Coast Black out of 2003, Toronto based campaigned through media, for people to come together, power down by forgoing technology and instead – spend face to face time with their neighbours.  Generator Project is all about fostering community goodwill.

Answering the call to participate and attracted by the phrase of powering down – Roncy’s Earth hour Leader;  Karyn Klaire Koski, jumped at the chance to register for the event. She and three other neighbourhood Moms had already been contemplating an event that would introduce women within the confines of Indian Grove, Indian Valley Crescent, Ridout, Indian Road, Howard Park and Parkside Drive.

Karyn, who is also a writer\ producer – already had individual friendships with Maria an ER Dr, Fran a College Professor and Katrin a product development strategist, but they as a group, had never really met, despite living just houses away. An email chain was sent out, 50 flyers were distributed door to door and women were asked to tell all the neighbourhood ladies they knew.  In total twenty women showed up, most meeting for the very first time on Friday September 23.


Each woman brought a treat to the table, a bottle of wine and wore a name tag that stated the year she had moved in.  The project brought together women who had lived in the area for years, new comers, mothers with young children and moms with teens of babysitting age. It was a successful evening with many new friendships forged.