The grand opening of Dr. Karen Lee’s Eye Focus Optometry and Optical took place on July 6th, in Aldershot. A ribbon cutting ceremony followed a few words from Mayor Rick Goldring and Ward 1 Councillor Rick Craven, both expressing a warm welcome and best wishes for Dr. Lee’s success. A feast of sandwiches, donuts and coffee was offered to the crowd.

Dr. Lee proudly recalled her participation in ten eye care missions since 2009, providing vision care to countries such as India, Thailand, China and Ecuador. Every patient received a check-up, glasses and a pair of sunglasses. Dr. Lee has repeatedly witnessed the power of one pair of glasses to transform these people’s lives. Many of them received their very first pair at an advanced age, amazed with their sudden new vision. Before returning to Canada, Dr. Lee practiced in Chicago, providing eye health and vision exams for the Chicago Public School system. She is passionate about helping children, by treating visually related learning problems.

Best of luck to Dr. Lee in her new location at 457 Plains Road East.