A Chicken

I’m always amused when someone buys me a goat or chicken from UNICEF. I secretly want a real one to keep in my own backyard! I guess it’s not such a secret anymore.

Hand Towels

I’m convinced some people don’t know how worn out their hand towels look and I have to admit that I just bought a few new ones after writing this article. Donate your old towels to your local animal shelter and double the gift giving!

Board Games

I know it’s super simple, but a lot of people like the gift of quality time. Board games have made a resurgence in popularity. Some of my personal favourites are Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Settlers of Catan.

A Flask disguised as a Smart Phone

Perfect for those cold days when you’re shovelling the driveway!


If all else fails – buy socks! Seriously I could use like 3 pairs right now, my kids steal my socks all the time!

Gifts of Service

I’m a big proponent of giving the gift of service. I love when my kids give me a “cook dinner” or “ vacuum your car” coupon. Some of my favourite gift ideas are for manicures, cleaning service certificates and tickets to the A.G.O, the movies or any restaurant gift certificates.

Wishing you & your family a Safe & Happy Holiday!

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