We want to improve Clarkson Village Green but we need your help. Please help us to win up to $50 000 by voting for us so we can make it onto the next round

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The “Village Green” in Clarkson is a community space owned by Chartwell Baptist Church and regularly used by the neighbours, the Business Improvement Association, and SAGA Summer Camps. Neighbours use it to walk, sit and relax in Clarkson Village’s only sizable green space. By expanding and enhancing the usable space, and by adding picnic tables, benches, cycling aids, shade, lighting and music, we will make more opportunities for neighbours to gather and community to be formed.

The Village of Clarkson (in the Southwest corner of Mississauga) has an almost total lack of public green space in its core, a fact which has been repeatedly called out by all local and municipal reports on the area. One exception to this is the land located in the front of Chartwell Baptist Church, which consists of 1650 m2 of grass, sided with mature trees. The church encourages the public use of this green space, primarily through the Clarkson Business Improvement Association. As noted in City of Mississauga documents CLK_VillageStudy_Phase2_FINAL_AUG2010 (p. 32) and LakeshoreRdW-ClarksonVillage-UDGuidelines-2014June9 (p. 37), this green space is a recognized, valuable benefit to the community. This use includes BIA events on the lawn such as “Halloween in the Village,” “Christmas Tree Lighting,” “Clarkson Village Live,” and the recent “Clarkson Canada 150 Celebration,” as well as daily use by neighbours, passers-by and dog walkers.

Presently, the only structures on this land are a city-installed park bench near the road, and the church’s one picnic table, which has been placed where the public can freely use it; the neighbourhood makes good use of both. In addition, the church has planted an oak tree and is building (at its own expense) a public bench surrounding the tree.

By adding picnic tables, shade structures, waste receptacles and welcoming signage, many more people will enjoy this green space. By changing the existing lighting standard to a multi-fixture LED, we can light the entire Village Green. We will gain an additional 20% (approximate) grass area by replacing some of the existing asphalt with grass. Additional features include: bicycle racks and a self-contained bicycle repair station (tools and air compressor) for public use; beautifying the area by re sodding, and planting pollinating wildflowers along the perimeter; providing a footpath through the mature trees along the west fence, which would invite people to a peaceful seating area and a quiet walking area behind the church building. Finally, we will add outdoor speakers, to create a “musical garden” to provide a more relaxing environment by blocking out some of the street noise.

This money will improve this much-needed green space in Clarkson Village and make the area a more welcoming gathering place for the neighbourhood. The space is currently used by 1200 campers in the summer, 1000 participants in the annual BIA Halloween in the Village, and over 500 who attend the annual BIA Clarkson Village Christmas Tree Lighting. The development of the green area will not only greatly aid these events; it will also give all of these neighbours an accessible space to spend time in beyond these events. In a Village in need of green space, this money will enable people to gather, eat and talk in ways that grow a healthy community.