Grimsby Secondary School celebrates a tradition of excellence, which traces its roots back to the opening of the original building in 1906. The school mascot, the eagle, is powerful, noble, and wise. It provides inspiration to students always striving for their best. Whether kayaking with the Prime Minister or competing on the Henley, students at Grimsby Secondary are comfortable on the water.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, joined by Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and United Nations Environment executive director Erik Solheim, kayaked to Queen’s Royal Park from Navy Hall in NOTL with a group of Grimsby students before holding a short news conference.

The school recently won the Girls’ Jr. Double event at the Stotesbury Cup in Philadelphia, the world’s largest high school regatta. Medals were also won at the Mother’s Day and Schoolboy Regattas.

Along with winning plaques, medals and awards, GSS students are often recognized for the good deeds they do. Five of our female rowers are involved in the summer rowing program in St. Catharines. Late one afternoon a storm came up quickly and after our rowers got themselves and their equipment safely off the water they realized a senior women’s crew were still making their way to the dock at the Henley course. They cheered them on and assisted to get everyone and the equipment off the course and to safety. One of the women called the Principal the next day to let her know what had happened. She said that we often hear of young people who make poor choices but she wanted to celebrate those who had been so helpful and supportive. Our students and staff all take great pleasure in helping others and giving back to the community.

School days in the spring are filled with finishing assignments, studying, and then winding down for some summer fun. Again, this year our students and graduates were awarded with a wide variety of medals, certificates, awards and scholarships. They were all so grateful for the support received from family, friends, staff and the community. At Commencement, thousands of dollars of awards and scholarships were awarded to the graduates. Community members, businesses, and service clubs in Grimsby provided many of these plaques, gifts, and monetary amounts. Our students appreciate meeting so many of the donors and thanking them in person for their generosity. It was wonderful to celebrate the many accomplishments and to hear about plans and goals.

This year we had some staff movement. Mme Manville and Mrs. Hall both retired. Mme Bell moved to a central support role. Mr. Legault, Mr. Poirier, Mrs. Minard, and Mrs. Henderson moved to other schools in the DSBN. Mr. Harshaw and Mr. Smith finished their temporary contracts at GSS and have moved to new roles for the fall. We are preparing to welcome many new students and staff in September and are excited about the many changes coming to GSS.

As we finished exams, everyone excitedly prepared for summer jobs, holidays, time at a cottage, and so much more. As another school year ended, planning was already taking place for September. We will welcome our students and staff for another year of learning together and achieving success in the classroom and beyond. If you are wondering about registration dates, transportation, and other details for September, visit our website

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We wish everyone a safe and happy summer vacation!
Keep learning!