The 13th Burlington Cubs Cleaned Up at the Kub Kar Rally held at Waterdown District High School on March 2. Several groups of Cubs attended, from Burlington to Waterdown and Carlisle, after having built their own racing cars from kits containing wood blocks, plastic wheels and metal axles, designed to the Cubs’ own specifications. While adults may have helped in sawing the wood, the cubs sanded, painted and decorated the cars themselves, demonstrating their creativity.

Three cars at a time were raced on a sloped wooden track and results carefully recorded by leaders. Trophies and prizes were handed out after a pizza lunch. Of eighteen Cubs in the 13th Burlington group, fourteen won prizes or honourable mention. Top prizes were given out to  Cole, Lucie, Hunter and David. The Kar Rally was a great opportunity for all Cubs and leaders to socialize and participate in the competition.

By: Leslie Styles