In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Government of Ontario recognized 20 women and one girl for their outstanding leadership in improving the lives of others in the community through the “Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities Awards”. The award ceremony was held on March 11, 2018. MPP Reza Moridi nominated these extraordinary women, from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages who demonstrated strong leadership in fostering positive changes within our community.

This year’s recipients from Richmond Hill were:
1. Christy Xie – Leading Girl
2. Anna Caporiccio
3. Doris Chan
4. Eti Rahimi
5. Jaclyn (Jie) Zhang
6. Joanna Liokossis
7. Maureen Capotosto
8. Michelle Franz
9. Rehanna Sumar
10. Myra D’Souza:
11. Ruby Hon
12. Jia (Ann) Long
13. Sally David
14. Susan Lao
15. Jing Sun
16. Yasmine Roushani
17. Norma Trivino
18. Xiao Xia Wang
19. Wafa Elhallak
20. Katie Apreda
21. Brenda Ewart