By Peeter Poldre, Photographer – Always learning and striving to CAPTURE the next great photo!


Photography literally means “writing with light”, so it stands to reason that a photographer’s source of light will always be a crucial consideration. For outdoor photography, the sun is by far the most common source of light and the advice to have the sun to the camera’s back often works well. However, people will often be uncomfortable and squinting when looking directly into the sun. Shade may be an option, but automatic cameras may interpret shade as providing sufficient light so that a flash is not triggered. This is the time for a photographer to over-ride the camera and dial in “fill in” flash, as shown with photos 1 and 2. Another setting that may fool automatic cameras is the brightly lit background, such as the setting sun on a Cuban beach in photo 3. It is likely that the subjects in the photo did not wish to be mere silhouettes! The answer is fill-in flash, as shown in photo 4.