On August 29th, the Lions Club celebrated 60 years of bringing you the freshest in fruit, veggies, dairy, meat, baked goods, honey, wine, flowers and spices at the Burlington Mall Farmers Market. This market included numerous outstanding vendors. For example, Eilene Millar of Millar Perennials & Crafts was awarded a certificate presented by Karina Gould’s office for her long-time participation since the market opened in 1959. Don’t miss a visit to the friendly ‘Stuffed’ booth, which specializes in cabbage rolls, meat pies, perogies, and gourmet soups. This family is happy to see you and will supply some tasty samples. Be sure to see Calan at the Boyle Bros booth. He is your Burlington ‘Lettuce Guy’ and sells delicious sour cherry and other fruit juices as well. Other amazing vendors include Roberts farms, Purple Haven Lavender farm, Smokeville, and many more. Support your local farmers and buy the freshest food in town on Wednesdays, Friday’s and Saturdays until October 27.