The first semester of 2015/16 has been a very successful one for the students and staff of Beamsville District Secondary School (BDSS).

Academically, our students have been successful in their courses at rates in excess of 90% in all grades. More than 40% of our students made the Principal’s Honour Roll in the first semester, achieving overall averages over 80%. 60 of our students were able to achieve overall averages above 90% over the same time. We share a deep belief that all students can learn – shown not only in the above successes, but also in the growth of students in all of our classrooms. Students accessing our Specialized School to Community programs show this ability every day in developing their literacy, numeracy and communications skills; and applying those skills in a variety of settings. These great successes are testament to the talent and hard work of our students, and the incredible support provided by our staff. BDSS is a truly inspiring place to learn every day.

Our students have access to an incredibly diverse group of courses this includes our Specialist High Skills major program in Horticulture, and our Hospitality program which focuses on quantity cooking and event planning. Recently, our Horticulture and Culinary programs joined to celebrate our community partnerships and showcase the horticulture program at BDSS. Food was provided by our culinary program who made sandwiches and salads using the fresh vegetables and herbs grown in our greenhouses. Our Science classes are also collaborating with the Horticulture program by conducting soil analysis of biological and non-biological components to optimize grass growth on our football field.

Many of our students are gaining valuable, work-related experiences that will serve them well when they each take their next steps after graduation. This past semester was an exciting one for the students of the BDSS Cooperative Education Department. Two students in particular, Tommy Danakas and Emmy North, experienced great success as they applied skills previously learned in classes at real life industry settings.

The second semester brings new opportunities for our students to demonstrate their talents and abilities. New courses, as well as new sports and activities will quickly lead us into graduation and the summer break. We will look to focus our work through a school-wide focus on four key traits over the course of the semester: Responsibility, Organization, Resiliency, and Time Management – in that order. Our staff and students will continue to learn – every day – and support each other through it all.

If you have any questions about school life at BDSS, or any of the programs described above, please feel free to contact me at the school – 905-563-8267.

Mat Miller
Prinicpal, BDSS