Article by Amber Foley

While everyone is still waiting desperately for spring weather to chase out the gloom of winter, at Streetsville Secondary School, everyone’s spirits remain high. With a whirlwind of fun events, the continuation of the winter weather has done nothing to dull the radiant enthusiasm of the students.

Sports events have taken centerstage lately, filling the students with a mixture of emotion, ranging from excitement to nervousness. At the begin

ning of March, Streetsville Secondary School hosted the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations’ Girls AA Volleyball Championship. Various teams went head to head, each of them fighting to achieve one common goal: to claim victory and land the honor of first place. For the first time in nearly seventeen years, Streetsville’s team placed in the top twelve. This is a great achievement, and pride runs thick through the halls of Streetsville Secondary School.

The girls AA Volleyball Championship was electrifying, and the “Cops 4 Cancer” hockey game that took place on March 29th was just as incredible. The annual Cops for Cancer hockey game was, again, a huge success where Streetsville SS raise over $1000 to be donated for cancer research. Members of the Peel Regional Police battled it out against Streetsville Secondary School’s hockey team at Vic Johnson Arena. At first, the Streetsville Tigers had the upper hand, but the police quickly caught up. The sound of hockey sticks crashing together rang out through the arena, as well as the cheers of the students as the players flew across the ice in the endless dance of battle. It felt like an eternity as the crowd waited anxiously for the tie to be broken, and finally, it was. With two minutes left, the Tigers pulled out their goalie, and

 the police made a clean shot that soared across the length of the rink, coming to a stop only once it had arrived at its intended destination – the Tigers’ net. In the end, the Peel Regional Police won, eight to five. It was an intense match and the Streetsville Secondary School community is happy to have taken part in such an important charity event.

Earlier this year, Streetsville Secondary School hosted the Coffee house, an event to showcase the incredible talent of the students. All anticipated the second and final Coffee House of the year which is held on April 26th. The last Coffee House was absolutely stunning, and there is no doubt that this one will be just as fantastic.

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