This is the story-

Michael Lewis came into Snap Fitness in Roncesvalles on October, 2013. He was set up for a consultation with trainer Jason.  Anxious at never having been to a gym in his life, Michael started training with Jason twice a week. In June of this year Michael completed his 200th session, at the age of 71!


Why did he come in, and why did he keep going? Two reasons: his wife Janice encouraged him to go to the gym because she feels making an effort to keep in shape as an older person is important. Furthermore, in his opinion he was extremely fortunate to meet a trainer who made the gym a welcoming space. According to Michael, Jason was such an interesting, fun, and engaging person that he makes the hour-long sessions a pleasure. “As well, he’s a great trainer who considered my age and fitness background (walking only) when designing a programme that suits. I think it’s quite likely that if I had been introduced to any other trainer, I would have given up long ago.”  

Michael has noticed a positive change to his energy levels and confidence, has better balance, and has been able to maintain and even gain physical strength.

“It’s working with clients like Michael that really keeps me going,” says Jason. “I enjoy getting to know my clients because it’s one of the best ways to really understand what they’re looking to achieve, and how I can help.” Jason has employed a range of techniques with Michael, including both machines and free weights, core exercises, stretching, and rubber-band work.

Michael continues to train and looks forward to staying active, and reaching his next milestone!

Written by Michael Lewis, Snap Fitness Member