Photography by Maaz Khan

On November 7th, the Museum of Illusions opened its doors in Toronto and thereby became the newest must-see permanent tourist attraction to take the city by storm. This wildly popular museum is currently found internationally in 14 locations worldwide, which includes Berlin, Athens, Dubai, New York City and Kuala Lumpur. Toronto is now home to the first Museum of Illusions on Canadian soil.

Located in downtown Toronto, the museum offers multiple visual deceptions and educational exhibits that tease the senses while bringing out a playfulness in guests of all ages. The Museum of Illusions is made of more than 80+ exhibits which are all based on science, mathematics and psychology. This unique museum is unlike any other in Toronto with photogenic exhibits such as tilted rooms, vortex tunnels, reverse rooms, and holograms, while also educating you in the process.

“We are ecstatic to open the first Museum of Illusions in Canada. Toronto is such a vibrant and exciting place to live and visit, so we know locals and tourists alike of all generations will want to see and experience the museum’s illusions and installations first-hand,” says Michaela Radman, Owner and Curator of the Museum of Illusions Toronto, “Our museum brings a playful spin on classical illusions. We wanted to create a space where guests are drawn to each illusion, raising curiosity into each installation’s educational element. Guests will not only share the experience amongst each other but also over social media, creating brain-teasing illusions where seeing is not always believing.