Gilbert, or as his owner affectionately calls him, Gribby, is an Applehead Siamese cat. Applehead Siamese differ from their other Siamese cousins by having a rounded face, like an apple, as well as a bigger, heavier body. John Addie, Gilbert’s owner, is a 82 year old deaf man who inherited Gilbert from his previous owners when they purchased a dog. Gilbert would have nothing to do with the dog and promptly began to visit John at his home for longer and longer periods of time until the original owners simply gave him to John. They have been companions for the last 10 years. Gilbert is distinctive in that he does not possess the normal loud meow that is a common trait amongst Siamese but he still makes his presence known by head butting John or by jumping on his stomach when he wants attention. Gilbert is not a shy cat!

Submitted by: The Addie Family