On June 9th, friends, family and supporters gathered to witness the raising of the new inclusive Pride Flag at Mississauga’s City Hall. Officers from Region of Peel Police brought their Pride Cruiser to the event. Speeches began with Clinton Emslie followed by strong supporters and allies Mayor Bonnie Crombie and MP Sven Spengemann as well as Councillors Stephen Dasko and Karen Vaux Ras and Peel School Board Trustee John Marchant.  We have included an excerpt from Clintons speech and the Rainbow Sauga Alliance Team which explains the new rebooted Pride Flag and what it represents.

“Its an honour to stand here this morning before friends, colleagues and community members, as we gather today at Mississauga’s Celebration Square to reflect our commitment to the PRIDE movement that began 50 years ago with the start of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. 50 years on and here we stand in a country, in a city, and in a community that affords us equal rights and privilege. We have to pause a moment to pay homage and respect to the forebearers of the LGBTQ2S+ struggles the have fought so hard through 5 decades to get us these rights and privileges today.

Pause a moment to think about what PRIDE means to you! Does it mean a time of year to party like crazy? Does it mean a time of year for everyone to dress up and march jovially down the street expressing their uniqueness? Does it mean a time of year for corporates and politicians to stand at the fore and proclaim support and progress? Or does it make us stop, and think, that maybe this season of PRIDE is more about reflection, about paying respect, about standing tall and telling our story to all who will listen, about working with our leaders to continue evoking change, inclusion, and opportunity for our community to be accepted, for our community to excel, for our community to feel safe!!

Whatever Pride means to you, make it matter, make it worth it, not just for today, or for this season, but for the duration of your life. You owe it to the next generation, just as the last generation did for us.

As promised on all the publications and blasts about today, we mentioned a surprise for everyone. This surprise is a big step forward in showing our stance on INCLUSION, of the City’s stance on INCLUSION, as today we will be raising, for the first time in Ontario, and possibly in the whole country, the new rebooted Pride Flag, which now includes the colours of Indigenous People, People of Colour, Trans People, Non Binary People and Questioning People into the traditional Rainbow Flag, and while many may disagree with the changes to the PRIDE flag, we are resolute on our stance of INCLUSION, which we is why we have chosen to adopt this new Flag with the full support of Rainbow Sauga Alliance and the City of Mississauga.”