Amid much fanfare, The Ontario Lawn Bowling Association held the Provincial Seniors tournament at the Burlington Club, on July 26th & 27th. The day began with a short parade of champions led by a piper and honor guard, as well as Canadian Red-jacket Champs: Donna McFadden and Dr. Moe Ali. A warm welcome was extended to all out-of-town teams by Ward 2 Councillor, Marianne Meed Ward, as well as a representative from Karina Gould’s office. Donna McFadden, who bowled for over 65 years, was awarded a special honor in the form of a lovely white orchid. Ms. Meed Ward kicked things off by pitching the first ball. 


The men and women’s teams from Ontario’s 16 districts participated with a total of 96 players, stopping for the BBQ luncheon, breaks between games and a disruptive rainfall on the first day. On Friday, July 27th, local spectators’ numbers increased to watch the final games, top teams vying for the Provincial Championship. Congratulations to the Women’s Gold medalist team hailing from Saugeen Shores: Glenda Courtice, Sandy Weatherall, and Theresa Bester. The Men’s Gold medalists were from Burlington: Remi Canuel, Michael Briks, and Derek Barker. Good luck and best wishes as these teams advance to the National Championship in Alberta.  

By: Leslie Styles