By Peeter Poldre, Photographer – Always learning and striving to CAPTURE the next great photo!

Quick Edits

Most photographs will benefit from some quick basic editing after the photo has been taken. If using a smartphone, editing can often be done on the phone itself. Computer-based editing software can also be used. First, make sure that the photo is straight/level, especially for horizons, poles and other vertical edges. On some smartphones, leveling occurs automatically when you begin to crop the image. In photo 1, the photographer was so excited to capture the sunrise that he overlooked the slanted horizon. This was corrected on the smartphone for photo 2. Second, check to see whether the photo needs more or less light/exposure. Most smartphones will have a way of adjusting exposure on the image. Third, crop the photo to discard elements that are distracting or not needed. It’s completely understandable that in the heat of capturing the moment (3) extraneous things can be left in the photo. Editing helps (4).