Nineteen year old Rebekah Alas has volunteered thousands of hours in her community, yet, she has never been recognized for it. That is where Norma Trivino comes in. Norma won the “2018 Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities Award”; Part of the reason she won the award is because she canvasses the community to find and highlight youth and women that are excelling in volunteerism, the arts or academically. Upon hearing of the thousands of hours of volunteer and missionary work performed by Rebekah, Norma was so impressed that she knew she had to do something about it. Immediately, she approached Councillor Castro Liu – who was much obliged to present Rebekah with a congratulatory certificate because she has demonstrated outstanding dedication to volunteerism. Rebekah and her mother, Anna Alas, were elated to be invited to council chambers to receive this honour.