By Peeter Poldre, Photographer – Always learning and striving to CAPTURE the next great photo!

Repeat, repeat, then delete

Modern digital photography makes it easy to take multiple shots of the same subject without added cost. There are several reasons to always take several photos if possible. First, one of the photos may be out of focus or you may have cut off an important element. Second, especially with more than one person in the photo, someone may have closed eyes, be looking elsewhere or be unflattering in some other way. For example, in Photo 1 one brother has closed eyes and in Photo 2 the other has downcast eyes. In Photo 3, both have their eyes open and engaged with the camera. That one was selected for the cover! Third, you may wish to take multiple shots to include more or less background, with a view to editing later. Fourth, especially with action photography, you will have an opportunity to select the best image. Photos 4 and 5 were taken exactly 1 second apart. Finally, once you have selected the best image to work with, DELETE the rest. It will make it easier to find your best photo in your collection and will not waste the storage memory of your smartphone or computer.