Article by: Lynn Still

As we move into the so-called lazy days of summer, the real estate market has also slowed down. It was a busy spring; we experienced a huge shift in the GTA and beyond at the beginning of May. Prior to May, there was very low inventory (for that time of year) which resulted in a Seller’s Market where buyers found themselves having to make multiple bids on the same property, driving up the sale price.

However, the summer market is a different situation. While the change is certainly great news for buyers who were so frustrated with being out-bid time and time again in the spring, sellers need to now be more strategic. The good news is that summer is still a great time to sell; the first three months of 2017 saw incredible price gains and we have not seen much price adjustment since.

If you are considering selling this summer, here are a couple of key points to consider in the eyes of a Potential Buyer:


Chances are, there are characteristics of your property that everyone remembers, appreciates, and maybe even envies. It could be a spacious kitchen with an island and upgraded appliances or a stunning backyard with a wrap-around deck and beautiful landscaping or rustic hardwood floors that contrast with elegant, high-end ceramics.

Whatever it is about your property that people tend to like and remember, will also appeal to potential buyers. So, when listing your home for sale, make sure to emphasize those characteristics.


When potential buyers view your home, they are just as interested in the surrounding area as they are in the property itself. So, before listing your home on the market, it makes sense to think about your neighbourhood and its key characteristics.


Imagine a relative from out-of-town coming to visit. She may say that she likes your neighbourhood, and wants to know what you enjoy most about living there. How would you answer? Would you talk about the friendly neighbours? Would you list the community events? Name the local shopping? Describe your favourite restaurants close by? Or tell her about the local playground?

There are probably many things about your neighbourhood that make it great. What are the top three? Those are probably characteristics of the area that most buyers will want to know. Remember, your neighbourhood is a key selling feature of your property.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent, it’s important that you find someone who is a good fit for you, who is on top of what is happening in the market and who knows your community well.

Whether you’re selling or buying, I will take the time to learn more about you, your needs and goals, and I will “tell it like it is” so that you have a realistic picture of what is possible.

I look forward to connecting with you!